Slide In Phoenix’s East Valley for 18+ Years At Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank, we strive to serve our neighbors in need with compassion, so they can preserve their dignity, and have hope for a healthier and happier future. Compassion
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The Big 3 of Arizona Food Insecurity

1/ 4
Will go to bed hungry tonight.
1/ 5
Don’t know where their next meal will come from.
1/ 7
Need emergency food assistance right now.

A Recipe For Real Impact


We want anyone inquiring to know who we serve, how we serve, and what we do with generous gifts of time, money and food. This is possible through our sustained focus on data, compliance, and open communication.

Time & Space

Matthew’s Crossing is staffed with some of the most passion-filled, compassionate, faithful individuals you can find. Our “home base” is designed to handle high demand and provide a rich experience for everyone who walks through our doors.

Strong Networking

Through strategic community partnerships, a commitment to increasing awareness and a diverse family of volunteers, we continue to position ourselves to serve more of our neighbors in need, year over year. 


Financial Gifts

Every $1 donated can help provide 5 essential meals for Arizona families.



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Client Feedback

Nice and friendly staff helping people in need when they don’t have enough food.

Janice Lewis

These people are really trying to help the community. The reason I was there was to give two of my neighbors a ride to pick up food.

Daniel Richard

These people are always so nice and I always walk out the door with more food then I can carry.

Ashley Lambert

Dropped off a couple hundred pounds of food as a donation. They were very appreciative for the donation. It’s nice to get a simple thank you. Some food banks don’t care about private donations believe it or not.

John C.

I wanted to express again, just how wonderful it has been to give these food bags to our families in need during this difficult time. Thank you so much for everything you and your organization does.

Vista Grove Preparatory Academy

Matthews Crossing Food Bank is one of the Greatest food bank in the county! Their Quality & Quantity of the food they give out is of better stuff than other larger food banks in the Valley of the Sun! The staff is Very Friendly, Helpful & Knowledgeable! If they can’t provide with the needed resources they can direct you to where you can receive it? They are located on the West side of Arizona Ave. Between Warner & Ray Rd.

Paul Ruiz


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