Updates to the Food Bank


Our food box distribution is now back at our primary location at 1368 North Arizona Avenue, Suite 112 in Chandler, with some changes to normal procedures.


Hours are now 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday.  We are closed on Wednesday.

Please check in at the front and return to your vehicle and open your trunk. Then wait for volunteers to deliver your food box to your vehicle. Only ONE family member should wait in line to check in and please practice social distancing while you wait in line.


How you can help

With so much uncertainty and all sorts of unknowns, this one thing is for sure…MORE HUNGER IS COMING!

At a time when we have to say no to volunteers and food donations due to COVID-19 restrictions, cash donations have become more important than ever before. Food banks need money, and that’s the honest truth.

Without cash, we will be unable to secure bulk food orders from suppliers, maintain our operations at full capacity, or prepare for the increasing demand for emergency food assistance.

The challenge to all of us is clear. Will we press pause, or will we press in and rise to the occasion?

At Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank, we strive to serve our neighbors in need with compassion, so they can preserve their dignity, and have hope for a healthier and happier future.

More hunger is coming, but with your help, we can unite our community in this fight against hunger. Your gift today will provide essential meals for our neighbors tomorrow. Click below to donate now!


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