How to start your Hope in Action Journey

To us, Hope in Action reflects the impact made possible at the intersection of your giving and our work.

In honor of Hunger Action Month, we invite you to participate in 30 days of giving– energized by Facebook lives, interviews from the front lines of hunger relief and virtual challenges. 

If you are... Under 18

Not old enough to vote, but way more energetic (and technologically savvy) than anyone over 35. You have a few hours/week to spare. And/or, you like speaking up about issues that matter and know your way around social media.

Ways to put Hope in Action: 

  • Volunteer at the food bank to sort/pack food boxes
  • Raise awareness about food insecurity on social media  

If you are... In college

You’re super busy but always ready to put your passion and ideas behind a good cause. You love teamwork and believe in the power of advocacy and action. 

Ways to put Hope in Action:

  • Volunteer at Matthew’s Crossing or ASU’s Pitchfork Pantry 
  • Conduct a virtual food drive
  • Deliver food to neighbors in need
  • Raise awareness about food insecurity on social media 


If you are... A "regular" adult

You might have a family and hectic work schedule. You’re short on time but long to make a difference in the world. Because your time is your wealth, you might prefer to make a monetary gift.

Ways to put Hope in Action:

  • Donate to Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank
  • Raise awareness about food insecurity by requesting a workplace match for your donation
  • Start a charitable giving challenge amongst your friends, workmates or neighbors. 

If you are... Over 65

You might be retired. You have some time to spare and want to use it meaningfully. You want to be part of community. To you, helping others trumps watching Netflix any day. 🙂

Ways to put Hope in Action: 

Donate to Hunger Action Month