As we approach the end of the year, we’re asking all our friends of the food bank to choose Matthew’s Crossing as the recipient of your tax credit* gift. When giving to a qualified charitable organization, your gift of $400 (filing single) or $800 (filing jointly) gives you a dollar-for-dollar credit* on your Arizona State Tax Return. 

Thank you for your continued generosity as we work to unite our community in the fight against hunger.

*This donation does not compete with the school or foster care tax credits that you may also be eligible for. 

Consult your tax professional for detailed information.


Remember The Little Engine That Could? The iconic children’s story taught us the power of hard work, perseverance and optimism.

It also reminded us bigger is not necessarily better.

Like The Little Engine That Could, Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank is not the largest in the East Valley, but we do serve more people here than any other.

It’s an unlikely feat — we climb thanks to your support and the determination of our staff and volunteers!

And so… if you haven’t already guessed it, this year’s mantra for Tax Credit Giving:  The Food Bank That Can!

If you’d like to hop on the train early, click here. Let’s all make “I think I can! I think I can!” our holiday mindset.